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5 Amazing Experiences to Have on a Shanghai Holiday

Shanghai is a bustling metropolis in the world's most dynamic and fast-paced nation. The futuristic 'frontier town' atmosphere of this party city is infectious; immaculate tree lined streets open out onto futuristic skylines, with many hints of European-style buildings as opposed to the Imperial palaces of Beijing. Shanghai is a must-visit destination on one of the many fantastic China tours available and below is a roundup of the most amazing experiences to have on Shanghai holidays.

Have a cocktail at the Glamour Bar
Visit this iconic bar for nibbles, a drink or two, or even a delicious evening meal. With three gorgeous bars to choose from you can relax in the sumptuous surroundings and indulge in a glass of champagne or one of their famous Lychee Martinis. The Glamour Bar also hosts many evening events such as live music, book launches and wine talks. It's very popular though, so be sure to arrive before midnight unless you want to queue!

Take a break in People's Park
This tranquil area of greenery is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai city. The park is built on the grounds of a former race track and just north of People's Square, where you'll find the main shopping street and a handful of museums. Within the park you'll find the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art and a charming bar at the edge of the pond. In the summer, many flock to People's Park to catch the beautiful pink lotus flowers that ring the pond bloom.

Take a mental picture of the Jade Buddha
This is one of the few active Buddhist monasteries in the city. The namesake of this temple is just under two metres high and lives in its own hall above the temple. Unfortunately, visitors are not permitted to take photographs of the statues, but it's certainly worth seeing during your holiday to Shanghai. On the ground floor there is a large stone Buddha that visitors are allowed to photograph.

Embrace being a tourist along Old Street
This renovated stretch of road dates back to the Qing-dynasty and is full of quirky tourist shops where you can pick up souvenirs and mementos of your trip. The bazaars are overflowing with traditional and wacky gifts, from jade jewellery and shadow puppets to beautifully painted kites and ornamental teapots.

Hunt for a masterpiece
Shanghai has a thriving modern art scene and there and plenty of galleries to visit. Many are housed in the north of town in the industrial buildings there with a mix of modern art, sculpture, photography and independent films.
By Thom Sanders
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5 Amazing Experiences to Have on a Shanghai Holiday
5 Amazing Experiences to Have on a Shanghai Holiday
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