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Buying A Car Online - 10 Reasons to Ship a Car

Online Auction Buyers Get Preferred Car Shipping Rates
The internet has made it easier for car buyers to find the perfect vehicle, regardless of its location throughout the United States. Online auctions offer detailed information, CarFax reports, images, car reviews, buyers protection and more so that purchasing a vehicle online is a simple as going to your local car dealer.
One challenge when buying a vehicle online from a website such as eBay Motors, is that you will need to consider the transportation costs to get the vehicle to your driveway. Coast-to-Coast auto transport can take 6-8 days.

Many buyers will consider flying out or driving out with a friend or family member and bringing back the vehicle themselves. When taking in to consideration flight or fuel costs, lodging, and ancillary expenses, not to loss of time from work or home, you may find that shipping a car with a car shipping carrier is a cost-effective and less time-consuming option.

A great tool for estimating the travel cost is the cost calculator at travelmath.com. Travel Math will help you measure the distance between your origin and destination, calculate the total drive time, recommend overnight stays and estimated the costs of those overnight stay. Compare the results of this free cost calculator too to the auto transport companies rates. Here is an example of an estimate. The average fuel cost in Missouri was $3.06/gallon. The average fuel cost in California was $3.30. So we estimated the cost to ship from Kansas City to San Diego at an average fuel costs of $3.18/gallon. Based on this information, current on January 10, 2014, a round trip to San Diego and back would cost $408.82 in fuel costs alone! This does not include hotels along the way, fuel or loss of time from work or home.

Reliable auto transport brokers can offer preferred car shipping rates to online auction buyers because of the large volume of transactions completely every day and the potential for a steady flow of new clients. Competitive and accurate auto transport rate quotes can be obtained by locating an auto transport companies with 4 to 5 star customer satisfaction ratings. Auto Transport Review websites like transportreviews.com are a great place to locate these 5 star auto transport brokers.

By Julie Sharpe
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Buying A Car Online - 10 Reasons to Ship a Car
Buying A Car Online - 10 Reasons to Ship a Car
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